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Until You Sleep In My Bed is a collection of raw, uncut, expressions of the realities many are faced with every day.


If you have never battled addiction, molestation, rejection, hopelessness, a wayward child, a broken marriage, or financial hardship you will never know what it feels like to desire freedom when in captivity.


The pages of this book will take you on a journey to visit the needs of others and to fully understand the power of love because God is love.

$14.99 (plus s & h) 

Have you ever felt invisible, like you were in the world all by yourself? Battling the cares of life all alone with nowhere to turn! You are not alone. Many people battle traumas that stem from loss, sexual violations, divorce, abuse, homelessness, etc. These traumatic experiences lead to abandonment, loneliness, brokenness, fear, and much more.


Have I Been Forgotten? is a collection of real-life inspirational words that will feed the soul and empower the reader to know that God is forever present! You will find reassurance that there's always a solution to any problem through faith in God and overcoming obstacles.

$14.99 (plus s & h) 

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